Wedding Flowers Fayre

Despite all evidence to the contrary summer isn't far away and once more the wedding season begins in earnest.

This year’s pre-wedding warm-up has cantered along rather nicely with some very successful wedding shows at fantastic venues around central Scotland.

We will be attending the Falkirk Wedding show on Sunday 5th may at the Falkirk town Hall, where any brides-to-be can come along for a chat and see our Wedding Flowers work on display. At Caledonian Blooms we believe our blushing brides should be doing so with pride NOT disappointment.

My Favourite Season

t's my favorite time of year, I love the colours of autumn and we have a fantastic range of autumnal flowers for you! The rich, deep colours of burnt oranges, reds and bronze, complimented by decorative containers and cellophane, such as amber glass vases or chocolate brown wicker baskets.  This week we have been spreading the autumnal cheer in Larbert, Cairneyhill, Airth and Alloa, to name a few!

Not only are we excited about the autumn range, we also have our september wedding flowers to look forward to! We have seen many different styles and colours over the season from bright and vibrant to classic and serene, and are always delighted to see the difference the right arrangements can make when dressing a venue.  We will also be attending some local wedding fayres, we will keep you posted on dates and times.


In the meantime, enjoy this colourful season! x

Christmas Countdown

And so begins another week and indeed another month.  October and November generally being a quieter time in the florists calendar, the lull before the festive storm, where all things holly-based take precedence - holly wreaths, both festive and funereal, holly balls, holly crosses, holly hearts, holly cats and holly dogs! OK... may be exagerating on the last two ... but only just!


You can always tell a florist (well a hard-working one anyway) by the state of their hands on the approach to Christmas, jaggy holly ensuring they resemble nothing more than some flayed five-limbed road kill.  The florists shame, usually hid beneath the Christmas dinner table in embarrassment.

Anyway! Enough of Christmas! It is after all only October and while the wedding season may have passed once more, there's still the constant demand for the freshest flowers for birthdays, anniversarys, corporate functions, births and alas deaths, to name but a few.  All being delivered throughout the local area and beyond.  Today,  for instance, our driver has a merry jaunt out to Fallin, Alva, Dunfermline, Grangemouth, Alloa and on our very own doorstep Kincardine.


So it's "one flower all and all flower one" a florists work is never done!

Sunshine on a rainy day

August, well into the Scottish summer, you've heard the song Four Seasons in one day? I suspect the writer had Scotland in mind!

The reason why I mention this is simply that on dark, rainy, miserable days who thinks of buying flowers? Very few it would seem, which is a great shame.  Research carried out by the Dutch Flower Council has shown the positive effects of cut flowers and plants in the home.  House plants actually improving air quality and flowers beneficial in alleviating Seasonal Adjustment Disorder....and lets be honest, they're pretty pretty.


So next time its raining, dreary miserable day, treat yourself to a splash of colour in the house, perhaps a vase of cheery sunflowers or something scented to offset the gloom.

Go on, we at Caledonian Blooms know you deserve it.





G'wan, g'wan, g'wan, gwan

Mother's Day

Well it's that time of year again, to show all the mums out there how much they mean to us.  We have a fantastic range of flower ideas for you, from baskets and handtieds to posies and arrangements.  All you have to do is choose what colour you would prefer - 'perfecly pink or simply spring' - and leave the rest to us!


We have been busy choosing beautiful gifts suitable for Mothers Day:

Candles and candle holders

Vases and Pots

Beautiful range of plants

We also have a range of locally handmade cards instore that you can add to your order.

So don't forget to show Mum how much you love her this sunday 18th March.


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